Barberini silvi factory 01

For many years Barberini has been synonym of optical glass sun lenses.

In our opinion only the natural purity of glass can assure the best optical precision of a lens and the inalterability of its characteristics in time, along with its typical and unique transparency.

Barberini is an entreprenerial company gifted with an internal know how, exclusive technology and advanced solutions almost entirely elaborated inside the Company. This realty is capable of offering the market a complete range of high quality glass sun lenses with optical perfection characteristics, inalterability, brilliance, vast color range and chromatic effects, impact resistence, anti-scratch, UV protection (also against polarized light) and IR protection as well.

Our R&D allows Barberini to be ready to interpret the multiform trends and anticipate the fast changes in the dynamic world of sunglasses.

Our specialisation is however matured in the polarizing field. With systems projected and built inside our company, we can confirm to be the undiscussed leader in this market field. Our glass polarized lenses are assembled on all our Customers' most pretigious Collections.

Our technical office and internal workshop builds almost all the production systems and machinery destined to the lens production.

For this reason we are able to react to all the various requests from the market with extreme flexibility and speed.

Who we are

One of Barberini's greatest resources is our dedicated and responsive staff, who do their jobs with passion. This is the spirit of each of our about 300 employees who give life to the Barberini company directors, staff, production workers and highly skilled technical personnel. This team sees the customers' needs as its number one priority and has the goal of meeting all the procedures of the organization: strategic, technical, administrative, sales and Customer Service.