Barberini S.p.A. is worldwide leader in the production of optical glass sun lenses for sun protection. Our original production processes, entirely developed inside the company, allow to complete the lenses in every detail. Our glass polarized lenses represent our top product, produced exclusively with automated production systems, guaranteeing optical perfection and flawless repetition in production. The whole production of the lenses is made in Silvi (Italy) while the optical glass used, is melted in Grünenplan Germany, a unique production chain for a superior quality product.

Barberini performs all the processes an optical glass lens can undergo. From the raw “blank” to the simplest or most complex finished lens. From the most experimented processes to the most innovative. Barberini's R&D is moving forward with developments that lead the market. We are constantly refining our production techniques, even developing proprietary solutions for individual customers. Every production cycle is flexible, so it is planned and adapted for each customer's supply requirements.

High level quality inspection and control on the production lines assure that regulations are met and tolerances held for each step of the production cycle, meeting our goal for Barberini High Quality. Our lenses guarantee 100% UV and IR protection. For specific use such as (sea or high mountain) Barberini can supply protection up to 400 nm even against blue light. Coatings and protective coloring of the glass do not reduce visual perception, color sensitivity or visual acuity. UV protection is assured by the glass and applied coatings. Our R&D has also come up with a high performing antireflection (SAR99) to cut UV radiation bouncing off the internal side of our lenses into the eye.

Barberini produces optical glass lenses used for sun protection. Two types of lenses are produced: lenses without optical power (Plano) and personalized Rx ophthalmic lenses with optical power.

The lenses are produced exclusively finished and ready to be assembled into the frames. We do not supply semi-finished lenses in the Plano version.

The lenses are processed with automated machinery, diamond tools and then polished with abrasive paste. The edging is performed with special cutting machines numerically controlled with diamond wheels. All lenses are chemically hardened left soaking for hours in melted chemical hardening salts.

The lenses are inspected during the production cycle by an automated system provided with a digital camera. The system puts aside the defected lenses. A final 100% inspection is repeated manually by expert personnel.

Barberini’s sun filters can be divided in product family groups. Lens Colors, Level of filtering and Optical Features.