Assembling Polarized Lenses

Lenses are assembled in our automated system in the following way: each polarized lens consists of five elements which are laminated together: two thin glass wafers, a layer of polarizing film which acts as a filter (0.03 mm) and two layers of optical-grade adhesive which bond the elements into one single lens.

When working with the three flexible plastic elements (film and glue), we've found that traditional laminating processes cannot offer the repeatability needed to produce the consistent thicknesses and correct alignment of the various lens elements, which are essential to produce an optically perfect lens. Barberini has discovered a solution for this problem we have automated the laminating process, so that the plastic polarizing film is formed directly over the lens surface, guided by an extremely precise mechanical control of both glue dosing and element positioning. Each stage of the assembly cycle is automated - positioning and forming of the film, adhesive micro-dosing, lens lamination, catalyzation and film trimming all without direct human contact, to guarantee repeatability and thus yield consistent high quality in the final product.

HiE high efficency polarized

Barberini has developed a new exceptional polarized Hi-E lens. The new film is granted in exclusive worldwide. Hi-E (which stands for high efficiency) offers in fact:

  • 99.9% efficiency
  • colorless black crossing
  • excellent formability
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from (over 500) Barberini's polarized sun lenses grant perfect vision and UV protection up to 400 nm allowing for high definition of image.

The new film has been studied to adapt easily to Barberini’s completely automated assembly line which produces every Hi-E lens equally perfect. The main difference is in the efficiency of the film and the black-crossing test now reveals no left over color, which means perfect vision and excellent protection. This new filter has given an ulterior improvement to the already high quality standards Barberini’s performance polarized sun lenses offer.