Barberini edges lenses using automated equipment that can perfectly match and replicate all lens shapes requested by the customer, both classic forms and the most avant-garde designer shapes.

Each lens is cut to shape in a consistent, precise manner. As part of the same process, we bevel the lens edges so that they are stable and allow lens insertion with the selected frame. The insertion step of assembling frame and lens is the most problem-frought process in building a sunglass. A properly cut bevel facilitates this step. Our equipment allows us to apply four different bevel passes, so that the lens edge is perfectly matched to the frame.

The New CNC Edging Machine

The latest technology in the production of Barberini sun lenses is given by the new edging machines CNC: Computer Numeric Control. It is a new machine for the cut of the lens shape. What is new about it stands in the fact that the cutting operation is completely computerized. You can program the speed and therefore the shape of the final lens. The profiling is a lot less aggressive compared to the conventional machines, with the enormous advantage of absolute precision and resistance to the DBT of the lens in order to satisfy a more demanding sunglass market.

The last technological introduction in the department is the AUTOMATED ROBOT ISLE, 12 machines supplied by one robot, where the operator has the only role of controlling without ever touching the lenses. The robot works 24 hrs a day non-stop, in continuous automation, guaranteeing high quality and constant production.