Hydrophobic and Oleophobic

This exclusive Barberini coating makes water drops roll off the lens surface without sticking, so that your sunglasses can perform at maximum level in extreme conditions, for sports and other outdoor activities, under splashy wet conditions, rain or snow.

A special polymer is applied to the lens which reduces micro-porosity, or in other words smoothes out the lens surface. Clearseal® reduces the chemical affinity of the surface to water and makes the surface uniform. With this treatment, water drops don't adhere: they retain a spherical shape on the lens surface and roll off just like drops of mercury, leaving the surface dry. What's more, Clearseal® prevents dust, fingerprints and impurities from adhering to the lens: a quick wipe with a cloth clears the surface, returning the lens to its original clean state. Clearseal® is a durable treatment, since the application process is based on a strong chemical bond between protective polymer and glass. This coating is permanent, thus the hydrophobic effect remains in place over time.